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World Religions

Aboriginal Spirituality; Beliefs
Aboriginal Spirituality; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Aboriginal Spirituality; The Peacemaker
Aboriginal Spirituality; Beliefs
Aboriginal Spirituality; Place of Worship
Aboriginal Spirituality: History
Hinduism; Beliefs
Hinduism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Hinduism; Place of Worship
Hinduism; History
Buddhism; Beliefs
Buddhism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Buddhism; Place of Worship
Buddhism; History
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Islam; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Islam; Place of Worship
Islam; History

Aboriginal people believe in animism. They also believe that Aboriginal spirituality is polytheistic and not monotheistic.
  • Polytheistic- believing in many gods.
  • Monotheistic- believing in one god.

Most Abproginal people believe in a supreme Creator. There are other less powerful spirits then the Creator that they believe in. For example, a farmer would want to be at peace with the rain and sun or a fisher would want to be at peace with the sea.

Creation Stories
Creation stories played an important role in Aboriginal cultures by offering a response to questions of existence. Every cultural group has their own identity and creation stories.
Here are some creation stores:

Turtle Island
This story comes from the people of the Northeast Woodlands. They believed after a great flood, water covered the earth. Water animals and birds tried to bring some mud to the surface of the water. A muskrat succeeded. Sky women spread the mud on the back of the turtle and created Turtle Island, known as North America.

The Northwest Pacific Coast believes that the Raven coaxing the original people out of a clamshell onto the land.

Death and the Afterlife
The Sioux of the Great Plains believe that four souls depart from a person at death. One goes on the "spirit path" and is judged by an old women. This women determines whether the spirit goes with its ancestors or goes back to earth as a ghost. The other souls are reborn into new bodies.

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