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World Religions

Buddhism; Place of Worship
Aboriginal Spirituality; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Aboriginal Spirituality; The Peacemaker
Aboriginal Spirituality; Beliefs
Aboriginal Spirituality; Place of Worship
Aboriginal Spirituality: History
Hinduism; Beliefs
Hinduism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Hinduism; Place of Worship
Hinduism; History
Buddhism; Beliefs
Buddhism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Buddhism; Place of Worship
Buddhism; History
Islam; Beliefs
Islam; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Islam; Place of Worship
Islam; History

Worship in churches and temples. In most Caribbean churches or temples women stayed on one side and the men stayed on the other. Some of the churches are made from the colours of the Ethiopian flag. Some churches have names such as the Rastafarian Gospel Church.

Places of Worship:
  • Wiharn
  • Pra Ubo-sote
  • Gooti
  • Sala
  • Sala Baart
  • Haw Dham
  • And many more.

Sala Rim Taang.
Sala Gaan Parian



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