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World Religions

Islam; Beliefs

Aboriginal Spirituality; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Aboriginal Spirituality; The Peacemaker
Aboriginal Spirituality; Beliefs
Aboriginal Spirituality; Place of Worship
Aboriginal Spirituality: History
Hinduism; Beliefs
Hinduism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Hinduism; Place of Worship
Hinduism; History
Buddhism; Beliefs
Buddhism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Buddhism; Place of Worship
Buddhism; History
Islam; Beliefs
Islam; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Islam; Place of Worship
Islam; History

"There is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God."

Proper name for God is Allah. God is one and is capable of doing all sorts of things. They believe that God is the master of all and that nothing movoes without His knowledge and permission. Muslims believe that humans are limited in that they are able to know, and that God is the everpresent, compassionate guide who will lead them to knowledge and fulfillment.

The Day of Judgement
Muslims believe that when a persons soul passes through the afterlife, God will reconfigure the person's physical body so he or she can stand before Him on the Day of Judgement. This is the day in which the soul it sent to Paradise or to Hell. Paradise is where people who have lived their lives as following one God, following on his commands, and living a righteous life. Hell is where you go if you have evil in your lifetime, and you work against God.

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