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World Religions

Islam; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols

Aboriginal Spirituality; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Aboriginal Spirituality; The Peacemaker
Aboriginal Spirituality; Beliefs
Aboriginal Spirituality; Place of Worship
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Hinduism; Beliefs
Hinduism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Hinduism; Place of Worship
Hinduism; History
Buddhism; Beliefs
Buddhism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Buddhism; Place of Worship
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Islam; Beliefs
Islam; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Islam; Place of Worship
Islam; History

Muslims place a big amount of emphasis on upholding the tenets of their faith. They do this through the Five Pillars of Islam.

First Pillar: Shahadah ( Declaration of faith )
  • consists if two declarations: "There is no god but God" and "Muhammad us the Messenger of God."


Third Pillar: Zakat ( Mandatory almsgiving )

  • Zakat means "to purify or increase"

Second Pillar: Salat ( Mandatory prayer five times daily )
  • Takes place before dawn, mid-day, late afternoon, after sunset, and after dark.


Fourth Pillar: Sawm ( Mandatory fasting )

  • For the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, or have sexual relations from dawn to dusk.

Fifth Pillar: Hajj ( Mandatory pilgrimage to Makkah )
  • Last day of the hajj commemorates the day God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Ismael at Mina. Pilgrims throw seven pebbles at three tall stone pillars that represent Satan.



  • The Ramadan Fast
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Eid-al-Adha
  • Milad ul-Nabi
  • Mi'raj
  • Islamic New Year
  • The Shi'ah Observance of Muharram



The Islam symbols are not of people or things because they believe that God created those and that they shouldn't imitate this aspect of God. Muslim art is colourful art, partternn and designs.

The star and moon is more of a historic symbol then a symbol of Islam, but they believe that the national flag of Saudi

flag.gif (9187 bytes)

 Arabia is a better symbol of Islam. This is because the flag has written on it the Shahadah in white and the background is green. Green is said to be the Prophets favourite colour.




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