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World Religions

Buddhism; History
Aboriginal Spirituality; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Aboriginal Spirituality; The Peacemaker
Aboriginal Spirituality; Beliefs
Aboriginal Spirituality; Place of Worship
Aboriginal Spirituality: History
Hinduism; Beliefs
Hinduism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Hinduism; Place of Worship
Hinduism; History
Buddhism; Beliefs
Buddhism; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Buddhism; Place of Worship
Buddhism; History
Islam; Beliefs
Islam; Festivals/Holidays/Symbols
Islam; Place of Worship
Islam; History

      Many people believed in reincarnation but those pepole were getting tired of it. So a young Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama Buddha had an idea. He thought that you could get off the wheel of reincarnation if you were good and pure enough. He refused to be a prince anymore, and tried to spend his life being good and pure so he could get off the wheel. Gautama Buddha had many followers during his lifetime, and after he died he had even more.

      In the 300’s BC, one of the great Mauryan kings
, Asoka, became a Buddhist, which helped Buddhism to succeed. At first, most Buddhists were in India. But soon Buddhism spread to China and other parts of East Asia. By the 600’s AD most of the Buddhists in India had gone back to being Hindus again. They still remembered Buddha, but as one of many Hindu gods. In China, on the other hand, Buddhism got stronger and stronger. Soon most of the Buddhists were in China and not India.

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